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Screen Replacement

Is your screen cracked or not functioning like it used to? I've got you covered!


Battery Replacement

Is your battery not holding much of a charge? I can fix that too!


Other/Specialty Services

Come check out my other services and repairs that you might be interested in!


NEW! Customization

For all of those people who want to stand out and make their iPhone unique!

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Before and after of an iPhone 6S with heavy damage to the screen and LCD.

Before and after of a Samsung S8 with a backlight/LCD issue and small cracks and dings.

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NEW! I now offer Same-Day Service for most screen repairs and battery repairs. No need to wait, get that cracked screen repaired today!


Same-Day Service and More to Come!

As my business expands and grows, I want to implement more features for my company to make it even more convenient, professional and reliable. Down the road, I will be able to add Same-Day service to most repairs and have a business cargo van with a full vehicle wrap which will allow me to do more intensive and difficult repairs while also giving you privacy. This workspace will also include an office and other essentials to be completely mobile. If you wish to see more of the company vision and its backstory, check out my GoFundMe page below. You can donate to the cause or even make an investment too (it is a registered LLC).

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