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About Me

Back in 2013 my brother Robert and I accidentally broke our phone screens and decided to get it repaired. Little did we know that they were going to charge us over $100! We said to ourselves 'There has to be a better way'. So we bought some broken phones and did a lot of research and training and learned how to repair iPhones. For the past five years, I had been refurbishing and reselling phones. Eventually, people caught wind of it and asked me to repair their own phones. What started off as just an idea has turned into a small business that has expanded into almost all repairs!

I am an active senior at Eagle High School who scored a 35 on the ACT (that's the 99.7th percentile). I also have taken many AP and Honors classes and am very involved in the community and my church. My plan is to go to one of the top universities in the country and enter med school to become a neurosurgeon so that I can change people's lives for the better and give something back to the people who have helped me.