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Big Nate's Mobile iPhone Repair Service

To provide a unique service to the Treasure Valley that everyone can benefit from!

An Idea Is Born

Why should a customer have to drive all the way to a repair shop when the repair shop can come to them? That is where the Remote Repair service comes in. Based on the already proven system that Puls provides to other cities around the nation, my goal is to have a company car that drives directly to the customer's house and repairs their phone right on the spot. Except unlike Puls, their phone will be repaired inside the company car instead of inside the house, giving both the customer and myself privacy and focus.

Why Boise?

I've lived in Boise for over a decade and have fallen in love with the amazing people here. The customer base here is one of a kind. But because of the semi-rural demographics that the Treasure Valley has, people have to drive long distances to get groceries or see a friend. That is why I think this service would be so beneficial to all the people in the area saving them hours of time and money. No company, even the big ones, has yet to implement a service like this in the Boise Area so I am striving to be the first. 

Want to learn more about the company vision?

Check out my GoFundMe page to see what it is all about!

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Benefits of the Remote Repair Initiative


Save Money

Not only will you save half off of the original iPhone repairs but you will also save yourself all the gas (or money) required to drive to the repair shop.

Save Time

No longer will you need to drive to a repair store thus saving you the time and energy you would usually use.

Expanded Reach

Provides an opportunity to expand out to more customers who live farther away and thus increasing the business's reach.


You can be at ease knowing that your repair person is within close range so that your device is nearby and out of harm's reach.


This will be the first iPhone Mobile Repair business in Idaho creating a unique and exciting experience for all involved.