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Here you can find all of my repair services and the prices associated with them as well as a short description. You can compare any competitors to my prices and see how much you are saving--on average over 50%! Also, you can be assured you are getting qualities parts that will last thanks to my partnership with iFixit. When you are ready to initiate a repair just call, text or email me! Most screen and battery repairs can be done same-day.

High Quality Parts, Tools and Services

I have partnered with iFixit to provide the highest quality of parts, tools, and services around. iFixit has spent over a decade of scouring the internet to find the best suppliers available. All parts are guaranteed with a lifetime warranty so you can be assured that any part will last the life of the phone. Many competitors may skimp on quality to save them some money but at Big Nate's iPhone Repair you are getting quality.

Remote Repair Service

iPhone Screen Replacements

Samsung Screen Replacements

Ready to Initiate a Repair?

Just call, text, or email me and I will work with you to get your phone repaired ASAP!

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Battery Replacements

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